We empower students to achieve more than they imagine possible.
We reduce the anxiety families feel throughout the
college application process.

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The Common Application
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Welcome to
College Essay Coaches

Whether you are a student or a parent, you have found a supportive space to guide you and your family through the complete college essay writing process from the 650 word personal statement, to supplemental essays, and beyond.


Our success stories include students who are accepted—and thrive—at universities across the U.S. including UC Berkeley, University of Michigan, Emory, Northeastern, NYU, Villanova and many more.


Our key is that we reduce stress so that the entire family feels nurtured while students are free to express themselves and discover their own voice. Yes, our students have an impressive roster of acceptances, but even more significant to us at College Essay Coaches, is that our students find their confidence and take pride in their work.

What We Do

We customize the college process for each applicant. At our initial, one-on-one intake meeting, we brainstorm ideas by providing writing prompts to determine what is important to each student.


What do you think about the world around you? What inspires you? What makes you laugh? Cry?


We distill the most poignant and meaningful moments in our students' lives that result in impactful and powerful essays — in their own words.


From there, we design individualized plans to get essays completed before deadline. We create a sense of freedom and ease around writing.  One caveat: Expect to laugh a lot!


Why Choose Us

Our founder, Renee Rosen, with a formidable background in documentary filmmaking, media and international development, knows how to craft a story. Through the proven College Essay Coaching process, Renee draws the most meaningful and salient stories out of college applicants.


Renee holds a Masters in Journalism from Columbia University, and an additional Masters degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution from NYU, where she studied identity politics and dispute resolution. This unique combination of studies and practical application have prepared Renee perfectly for the investigative process into telling each student's story... and establishing a peaceful and conflict-free environment throughout the process.


Stories of Success

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Students complete the essay process feeling truly accomplished.  Their greatest takeaway is what seemed improbable, and daresay impossible, is not only achievable but can be inspiring and fun.